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Face Recognition Visitors Management System

Easen face recognition visitors management system adopts its own face recognition algorithm and captures face image of IDs via ID scanner or 2nd generation ID reader and visitors’ face image to verify the visitors’ ID by comparing these. By doing so, efficiency and accuracy of visitor check-up has been improved significantly and all security issues can be solved.

System Architecture

System Functions

l -金沙9159游艺场网址-www.js333.com Verification of visitor’s ID by comparing face image captured by high-resolution camera
l -金沙游艺场注册 Black/White list alarming
l Printing visitors’ list and investigation of visitors’ log


l Face Image80*80pixel
l Face Recognition Rate: >97%
l Face Detection Rate: >99.95%
l Face comparison in less than 1s by adopting 1:1 comparison method
l Searching and querying enrolled data and captured faces
l Supporting bar-code scan and face recognition
l Supporting 1st, 2nd generation IDs, driving licenses, passports and passport bar codes
l Adopting TCP/IP communication, door control signal output for inter-connectivity with channel management equipment

Application Areas
This can be used in vast areas where time & attendance is required like government authorities, companies, schools, research institutions and newspaper.





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